What is (no capital C, thanks, or our brand enforcers will be round with the kneecapping implements) is a collection of photographs of cranes. Well, technically, it's two pages pointing to collections of photos of construction cranes.

Why cranes?

I find cranes, especially tower cranes, to have a strange sort of beauty. The sharp vertical and horizontal lines combined with the contrast between the implied strength and the skeletal, ephemeral quality they have makes them worth my time photographing them.

Um, calm down, calm down.

Well, this site is called

Oh yes, why And why not .com?

Well, originally the site was going to use the more hackish 'pron'. I sat on the idea of the site for a year or so before I finally installed a photo indexing script on my real site, When I did get round to registering it, though, my old friend Matt Jones decided firstly to take, and secondly registered it as porn not pron. When I came to register my domain, I stuck with his spelling.

Donations of further domains to complete the set are welcome.

Back up a bit. Any particular cranes sparked this off?

Well, the cranes that built the new Norwich Library exhibited a strange fascination for me before I left that city, and London has (well, at the moment) a fine crop of cranes throughout the City and Docklands.

What are your favourite shots on the site?

Well, there's the backdrop to the front page, which is also here, and there's a series of photos of the cranes building Paternoster Sqaure by the dome of St Pauls which I like.

That's not many, it it?

No, it's not. On the other hand, I've taken far too many photos of cranes and now I've forgotten which are the best ones.

Can I submit photos?

Sure, email them to and I'll try to upload them as soon as possible.

That sounds like a lot of work. What about this Web 2.0 thing?

Yes, yes, alright. As of 2006 there's a flickr group which members of that fine site can join if they'd like to share their photos with other crane fans.

Nobody else actually asked you this, did they?

No. But feel free to ask me real questions, by emailling

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